domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Consejos de Sovereing man a los jóvenes.

Desde hace poco sigo a Sovereing man. Sovereing man es un pt (perpetual traveller), alguien que realmente vive en ningún pais y a la vez en todos los que visita. Sovereign man además que escribe un blog con consejos prácticos para ser un poco más pt, que entre otras cosas significa proteger tus bienes, vivir a caballo entre varios paises, establecer negocios, conocer y aprovechrse de las leyes internacionales... y en definitiva vivir viajando y casi sin patria.

Ahora que ya lo he presentado, quisiera copiar un consejo que dió el otro día a un chaval de unos 20 años que iba a enrolarse en el ejercito. Me pareció un consejo excelente y no solo para él, sino en general para cualquier joven, con atención a aquellos que empiecen una carrera, algo no tan diferente a la mili.

Leading off, Kyle writes, "Simon- I would first like to thank you for your letter; it is a very good way to start my day. Question: I am a 20 year old male who is soon joining the US military. Given my small budget, what do you recommend I do to protect my assets?"

I get this question a lot, and it's great that you're thinking in the right direction. However, with limited assets, you really don't have any assets to protect. Instead, if I were in your soon to be well-polished boots, I would focus on four things:

First, the military has a way of taking young people at an impressionable age and teaching them how to excel within a bureaucracy... not to mention the military can also inculcate groupthink. I'm speaking from experience.

This may be good for unit discipline, but it's terrible for the mind of a free man. I would strongly encourage you, during your service, to focus on keeping your mind free and creative-- read as much as possible, ask questions, and understand that the military microcosm is not the real world.

Second, as you will not have much time or availability to build financial assets during your time in service, you should focus on building up your most important asset-- yourself.

This means developing skills. Learn as much as possible-- a foreign language or two, a technical trade, medical training, etc. These are subjects which are easy to pursue in the military. On the side, I would also be reading about sales and marketing-- generating revenue is always a valuable skill.

Third, I would focus on cultivating an international mindset. Try to get stationed overseas, and immerse yourself in the culture. If you unfortunately end up deployed to the Middle East, make the most of it by interacting with the locals as much as allowed and learning the language.

Fourth, be smart with your money. The military makes it easy to save-- they provide a roof over your head and food on the table, so save as much of your salary as you can so that you have a sizeable pool of capital by the time you are finished...

Espero que también os haya llegado. Viajar y ver mundo da una perspectiva que dificilmente se alcanza de otro modo, una perspectiva global y más diversa, que ayuda a conocer y comprender un poco más como funciona este mundo cada vez más y más complejo.

Entrada completa.

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