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Delivering Happiness (in english)

I recently received the book in advance, prior to the launch, and as part of the commitment, here I post my personal review. Thanks to Tony and Zappos(here the review in Spanish).

Personally I really liked the book. From the personal story of Tony we can take some lessons for our daily life, and what Tony has been doing is removing layers until the finding of happiness, or what happiness is for him. Lots of people thinks that money is happiness, or at least that it helps, when the truth is that is not always the case. Tony didn't find the happiness with money, only free time that he didn't know what to do with until he found more interesting things that motivated him. Other lesson is about determination to believe and create something. Tony achieved (sell linkExchange to microsoft for 265M $ and save Zappos and sell about 1B $) because he had so in mind, because he didn't surrender and believed in it, despite of the hard times that almost made the company to close out, and Tony poor.

More things. The company culture that has been created in Zappos in something to envy and is not something you can create overnight. The company culture is something inherent to the company since the firs times and can determinate the success of a company. The culture has to take account of all the parts of the company and the values which want to encourage. Zappos culture is something new in the sense that first are the persons: customers, workers, providers... and the in the rest. This focus is a little shocking in the traditional business culture. In the book Tony explain how this values were created and how everybody participated in them and took the company as something personal, something that not many companies can do... unhappy workers and customers are very common. Companies that believes in the involved people and make sense of the work of the employees besides promoting a personal and professional framework for them are the companies everybody wants to work for. And, I think these companies are the ones that are going to succeed in the coming years, because in the end money is not the most important, motivation is.

Lots of lessons of the book may be logical, but not a lot of companies are willing to implement them, and that can't be like that anymore. I hope this book gets into entrepreneurial people and that they enjoy as much as I did it, because in the end is that, the book is for entrepreneurs who want to lear different point views and want to learn about motivation, determination, company culture and happiness.

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